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Woman in Rajasthan ties rakhi on ailing leopard

A woman in Rajasthan ties rakhi to a ailing leopard (Pic. Courtesy Twitter/@susantananda3)

Celebration of love can transcend human beings. Take for instance, the festival of rakshabandhan in which a sister expresses her affection for her brother by tying a rakhi and a woman for Rajasthan did the same by tying it to an ailing leopard.

The image of the woman doing this was uploaded by Indian Forest Service Officer, Susanta Nanda and shows a woman in a pink sari with her head covered tying the rakhi to the animal.

Citing it as an example of harmonious living between humans and animals, Nanda wrote: “For ages, man & animal in India have lived in harmony with unconditional love to the wild. In Rajasthan, a lady shows this unfettered love to our wild by tying a Rakhi(symbol of love & brotherhood) to an ailing Leopard before handing it over to the Forest Department.”

Viewers praised the image and exhorted that this is the way to live in the world.