Welcome to the Nameless railway station in West Bengal!


The West Bengal railway station where the name signage remains blank

Travelling by rail one always knows the destination to deboard as it has a name. But what about a railway station which has no name? Sounds strange and bizarre but it is true.

The reason for this is, is a serious dispute between two villages – Raina and Rainagar which share a border -- about naming the station. The station is a new one, built in 2008 and situated 35 kilometres away from Bardhaman in West Bengal and lies in Raina village.

Genesis of the dispute

Before 2008, when the rail line was a narrow-gauge route and known as Bankura-Damodar, the station was located in Rainagar and known as Rainagar Railway Station. When the changeover from narrow to broad gauge took place, the rail line was connected to the Howrah-Bardhaman route and a new station was constructed which fell in Raina village territory. Hence, the residents of that village wanted the station to be named after their place.

The station in West Bengal with no name

The people of Rainagar however, refused to accept this, creating this dispute.

Ever since then the station has remained unnamed much to the amusement and confusion of the passengers who de-board during the train-halt.

This station falls in the South-eastern division of Adra zone and has two platforms, and at present nine trains make a pit stop here.

Tickets, however, continue to be sold at this station bearing the old name of the station Rainagar.