WATCH: 105-year-old super grandma Rambai wins 100 metres dash in record time at Masters Championship in Vadodra!


Screengrab from the video.

A 105-year-old grandmother, Rambai won the 100 metres race at the inaugural in a record time of 45.4 seconds for her age group at the National Open Masters Athletics Championships that concluded in Vadodara.

Rambai broke the record of 101-year-old Maan Kaur of Punjab who shot to fame after winning gold in 100 metres race in 74 seconds at the World Masters meet. With 45.40 seconds, the super grandmom from Haryana now holds the new record in the 100m.

Rambai participated in the above-100 category for the championship conducted by the Athletics Federation of India. She eventually ended up running the race alone as there were no other athletes in this category for women.

"Before this race, my grandmother has won 4 gold medals in a competition. After that, she participated in a competition in Maharashtra in which she won 5 gold medals. She was honoured with two trophies in Badlapur, Maharashtra," Rambai's granddaughter told ANI.

Rambai's granddaughter Sharmila said that her grandmother is quite particular about what she eats. She said that Rambai is fond of eating ghee and curd every day. "She also drinks pure milk twice a day and consumes a lot of ghee. She doesn't eat much rice," Sharmila added.

"She started his athletic career in 2021. Before that we did not even know that there is a senior citizens race category," she further added.

"It's a great feeling and I want to race again," said an overjoyed Rambai said after the race.

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