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Watch: Skilful waiter balances 16 plates of dosas on one hand

Screengrab from the video showing a waiter carrying 16 dosa plates

In each profession, people invent their own method of working to achieve results. With a large number of customers waiting eagerly for their ordered food, a waiter has devised a way of delivering them as quickly as possible and this is what a video posted by industrialist Anand Mahindra on his Twitter shows.


The footage starts with a cook preparing masala dosas. A waiter standing next to him starts giving him plates to place the dosas. What follows is amazing as the waiter keeps stacking the plates on his left hand. In no time he balances 16 plates and then proceeds without any difficulty to serve them on different tables.

Impressed by his method, Mahindra wrote: “We need to get ‘Waiter Productivity’ recognised as an Olympic sport. This gentleman would be a contender for Gold in that event,” he wrote.

Most viewers were impressed by his skill and praised him.