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Watch: Rohit Sharma forgets what to say after winning toss vs New Zealand in ODI

Screengrab from the video

In a bizarre moment, India captain Rohit Sharma forgot what to say after he won the toss in the second ODI vs New Zealand at Raipur. He looked quite puzzled as if caught unawares and after a long pause announced his decision to opt for fielding. New Zealand’s stand-in captain Tom Latham also burst out laughing over the incident as he shook hands with Rohit Sharma.

Rohit told commentator Ravi Shastri that at the moment he just “forgot” whether the team had decided to bat first or bowl first if he won the toss.

“I forgot what we wanted to do, had plenty of discussions with the team about the toss decision, just wanted to challenge ourselves under difficult conditions, but we’ll bowl first. Was a good test for us, knowing that the wicket will get better to bat on.”

“There was a bit of dew during the practice sessions, but we’ve heard from the curator that it will not play a role on game days. We batted first in Hyderabad (first ODI), we wanted to bowl first here,” he explained.