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WATCH: Railway staffer issuing tickets to passengers at amazing speed, hailed as hero online

Screengrab from the video.

An Indian Railway employee has won widespread praise and is being hailed as a hero online for the amazing speed with which he issues train tickets to passengers from a computer.

The video was posted by a Twitter account that goes by the name @Mumbairailusers. They captioned the video "Somewhere in Indian Railways, this is so fast, giving tickets to three passengers in 15 seconds." Check it out:

Some netizens have compared his skills with the superhero Flash.

The efficiency of the elderly employee is very much in evidence as his skilled fingers move rapidly over the touch screen in what appears to be the muscle memory of a will-trained athlete.

He also has a pleasant demeanour as he offers the tickets with a friendly smile!

A Twitter user wrote, "Itna fast train ka ticket milega to zindagi me kabhi line nai lagegi".