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Watch: PM Modi joins dazzling Bihu celebrations in toast to northeast

Prime Minister, Narendra Modi described the Mega Bihu celebrations as spectacular

The Mega Bihu Programme Prime Minister Narendra Modi attended in Assam’s capital Guwahati was nothing short of spectacular in terms of its sheer scale and grandeur. Held at Sarusajai stadium, PM in a video can be seen along with the State Chief Minister, Himanta Biswa Sarma enjoying the performances and waving to the people. The grand Bihu celebrations in PM Modi’s presence spotlight the importance of the northeast in the rise of New India.

Yet, there is more to the show than mere display of Indian cultural diversity. It reflects how despite distance and remoteness, different parts of the country are united, especially the north-east region. Hinting at this aspect, the PM addressing the people said: “We work with the spirit of being your servants. That is why the Northeast does not seem far to us and the feeling of belongingness remains regardless of where we are.”

Hailing the celebration and describing it as a reflection of Ek Bharat, Shreshth Bharat, PM said the Bohag Bihu is a festival of heart and soul for Assamese. He described it as the perfect symbol of harmony between man and nature.

Talking about development in the State he said “Today, people in the Northeast have come forward and taken ownership of their development. They are moving forward with the mantra of development.”

The PM went on to commend Assam for its progress. He observed: “I remember that when I came here during the Assembly election, I had said that the day is not far when people will say ‘A for Assam.’ Today, Assam is truly becoming an A1 state.”

The Mega Bihu show also received attention for the record-making feat of the “largest Bihu dance and largest dhol drum ensemble”. This feat was achieved on April 13 when 11,304 folk dancers and 2,548 drummers performed in the stadium. In PM’s presence, the CM received the certificate from the Guinness World Records team.

Bihu is one of the important festivals of Assam. Among the three Bihu celebrations, the one observed in April is Rongali or Bohag Bihu which celebrates spring.