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Watch: Modern-day Shravan Kumar carrying old parents on Kanwar Yatra

A dedicated son who is carrying his elderly parents to Kanwar Yatra

One of India’s much revered Sanskrit epic Ramayana mentions about Shravan Kumar, who known for his legendary filial piety towards his blind parents carried them for pilgrimage on his back. Now we have a modern-day version of him, who, like the character in the epic, is doing the same for his aged mother and father so that they can attend Kanwar Yatra.

Following is the video clip of this unidentified man carrying his elderly parents on a scale which has been shared by Ashok Kumar, an Indian Police Service officer on his Twitter.


Kumar’s caption reads: “Nowadays, old parents are despised, they are thrown out of the house or not allowed to live with their children. Whereas, today the opposite view was seen. There is a Shravan Kumar among lakhs of Shiva devotees who has come on a Kanwar Yatra with his elderly parents in a palanquin. My respects!”

The viral video has been commented on by many users. One said: “Any amount of praise will be less for this gesture”, while others called him Shravan Kumar and saluted him.