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WATCH: Lost leopard cub reunites with mother

Happy reunion of lost leopard cub with its mother

Indian Forest Service officer and wildlife enthusiast Parveen Kaswan has posted a video on Twitter, showing the happy reunion of a lost leopard cub with its mother.

Kaswan said that the lost cub was kept in a safe place and on Monday, the mother leopard came searching for it. The video shows the mother leopard holding its cub by its mouth.

“What can be more beautiful than this. Cubs were secured & then mother came and took her back. Yesterday night,” Kaswan wrote in the caption.

It is a rare sight indeed to see a leopard or tiger carry its cubs. Interestingly, the same powerful jaws and teeth that are used to make massive kills hold the cub gently with tender care. This is because these big cats have a lot of muscular control of their jaws and can shut it gently without hurting the cubs.

Nature has also ensured that the cubs know that they have to keep still, for if they struggle they could get hurt due to the sharp teeth of the mother.