WATCH: Hungry cat catches pigeon but lets the bird go after seeing its blind


A video posted on Twitter depicts compassion in a cat which spares a pigeon within its grasp on releasing it is blind

There is no dearth of compassion in this world, including among animals. A video posted on Twitter by Awanish Saran, IAS, depicts this as one sees a cat with a pigeon within its deadly grasp let go of the bird.

Approaching stealthily the cat moves on a narrow log till the pigeon is just a pounce away but doesn’t when it realises that it is blind since it didn’t move. The feline retreats winning the hearts of the viewers.

The caption with the video reads: “The cat wants to attack the pigeon. The pigeon is blind. The moment the cat realises it, she changes her mind.”

Reacting to the footage some praised the animal for its mercy, while many stressed on the need for human beings to learn from them.