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WATCH: Arunachal bus conductor convinces passengers not to litter and spit

A bus conductor in Arunachal Pradesh tells his passengers about cleanliness

Wisdom and good sense are not confined to the elite, educated or to a certain section of the society. It can come from anywhere and at anytime and this is exemplified by a video shared by Pema Khandu, Chief Minister of Arunachal Pradesh on his Twitter.


A conductor in a moving bus addresses the passengers in a polite and convincing manner to drive home the point of cleanliness. He begins by requesting those eating gutka not to spit outside as it may fall on somebody and also spoil the bus. To remove these stains, he says takes a lot of time and labour. He adds that those addicted to it obviously love it, so they must do justice to it and take in instead of spitting it! This had the listeners laugh loudly.

He then touches upon littering the road by throwing plastic packages and covers from the running bus. “Nobody will clean it and it will remain there, spoiling the country and its image. So please let the litter remain inside the bus and in the evening, it will get cleaned. You may also keep it safely in your bags and on getting down dispose it of appropriately in a dustbin.”

With the passengers agreeing with him, the conductor states that Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s Swachh Bharat Abhiyan cannot become successful unless all of us join.

He rounds up by exhorting the people not to forget this wherever they go.

The name of the conductor and the place where the video was shot is not mentioned in the post.