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Watch: Actor Deepika Padukone leaving for Qatar to escort FIFA World Cup trophy

Deepika Padukone has jetted off from Mumbai to unveil the FIFA World Cup Trophy in Qatar.

Popular Bollywood actor Deepika Padukone has flown off to Qatar where she will be part of the team escorting The FIFA World Cup trophy to the Lusail Stadium today. The trophy will arrive in a specially commissioned Louis Vuitton trunk, escorted by Deepika Padukone and a member of France’s 1998 or 2018 World Cup-winning teams.

The video shows Deepika at the Mumbai airport as she arrives to board the Qatar flight.

The FIFA World trophy travel case is designed to protect and transport the FIFA World Cup trophy, which weighs 6.175 kgs and is made of 18-carat gold and malachite.

According to the regulations, the original trophy must remain in FIFA’s possession and cannot be won outright. The team winning the World Cup retains the authentic trophy temporarily and is then permanently awarded the tournament edition trophy, the FIFA World Cup Winner’s Trophy which is gold-plated, rather than solid gold, and engraved with the year, host country and winners of the event.