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Viral video of elephant doing a headstand triggers debate

Screengrab from the video.

A video showing an elephant doing a headstand which is not something that they naturally do has gone viral on social media.

The elephant pushes its hind legs up in the air and supports its massive weight on its front legs and head much in the way that human beings do a headstand.

As the elephant performs the stunt, his keeper sprays water at its exposed belly while onlookers can be heard cheering with joy at the spectacle.

It appears that the elephant did the headstand so that he would be rewarded with the cold shower all over its body. 

The video shared by Morissa Schwartz (@MorissaSchwartz) has sparked a debate with many netizens saying that the “headstand” move does not look natural and it is quite possible that the animal was unethically trained to do the act merely to entertain the crowd. 

Their assertion is that elephants in the wild are not known to have naturally executed such an act which might be causing great discomfort to the animal.