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Video: Woman scooterist in Bengaluru run over as sudden opening of parked car door throws her on road

Screengrab of the video showing the accident in Bengaluru

In a horrifying accident in Bengaluru, a woman riding a scooter on a busy road is hit by the door of a parked car, which is suddenly opened by the occupant, just as she happens to pass by. After the hapless woman is flung on the road, she is tragically run over by another car coming from behind.

The accident took place on September 24 and the video has been shared by the Karnataka State Road Safety Authority with the important message that it is important to check in the rear view mirror to see whether some other vehicle is coming down the road before opening the door of one’s car.

Better still when parked on a road, one should disembark from the left side of the car, even if it involves some inconvenience.