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Video: India teammate Shikhar Dhawan’s earlier advice to Rishab on driving

Screengrab from the video where Dhawan is advising Pant to drive carefully

After the nasty car accident of India wicketkeeper-batsman Rishabh Pant near Roorkee on the Delhi-Dehradun highway an old video of teammate Shikhar Dhawan advising him to drive carefully has gone viral on social media.

In the video, Rishabh Pant asks his senior Shikhar Dhawan, whether there was any advice he would like to give him.

Shikhar promptly replies: “Gaadi Aram Se Chalaya Kar (you should drive carefully).”

Rishabh Pant, suffered cuts on forehead, an injured wrist and a ligament tear in his right knee in the nasty accident as the Mercedes car he was driving hit the road divider and went up in a ball of flame.

The 25-year-old talented sportsman had the presence of mind to break the windscreen of the car and escape in time.

The video was posted on Twitter by a user named Ami with the caption, “Shikhar Dhawan gave Rishabh Pant the right advice about driving.”