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Video: Hearing impaired couple run popular pani puri stall in Nashik with a smile

Specially abled couple in Nashik sell home made pani puris and use sign language to communicate with cusotmers

Nothing can be a deterrent if one is determined. Demonstrating this in a video on Instagram are the hearing and speech impaired couple in Nashik who run a stall selling pani puris near Jatra Hotel in Adgaon Naka.


In the footage the two share how they carry on their business. The man through his gestures informs that both of them have physical impairments and that they work together. Using simple signs, they communicate with their customers. For example the woman can be seen asking a customer the spice needed.

The caption with the video reads: “Everything they serve is homemade by them, even the puris. I really love how they maintain cleanliness while serving the food. This couple are the real influencers that our generation should follow and learn from.”