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Video: Giant whale crushes tourist boat, four badly injured

Screengrab from the video.

In a terrifying incident, a giant humpback whale breached and crushed a tourist boat in Mexico, seriously injuring four passengers.

A video of the horrifying moment shows the huge whale leaping out of the water into the air to perform its usual acrobatic routine.

However, instead of landing back in the water, the whale crashed into the back end of the small boat. The boat comes close to sinking under the massive impact but manages to stay despite being badly damaged.

The incident took place at Topolobampo bay which is a popular whale watching area.

According to news.com.au, two men and two women travelling aboard the tourist boat were injured and taken to the hospital. One woman broke a leg while one of the men suffered fractured ribs and a head injury.

Port authorities blamed the boat operator for the incident because the vessel got too close to the  whale which retaliated because it felt threatened.

The authorities have issued clear orders to boat captains to keep a substantial distance from the whales but this protocol was not followed.

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