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Video: Family of tigers sitting in a pond to beat the heat

Screengrab from the video

A video showing the rare sight of a group of tigers enjoying water pond has been shared by Indian Forest Officer (IFS) and wildlife enthusiast Susanta Nanda on Twitter on Tuesday.

Mr Nanda wrote, "Our tiger reserves are source of water to billions of Indians as many major rivers originate from them. Success of tiger conservation in India is key to our water & food security. Here a family of the big cat enjoying the onset of monsoons. (As received from a colleague)"

Tigers usually live solitary lives. The only time when tigers live in group is when a mother is raising her young and teaching them how to hunt, besides that tigers can be seen in groups of two during the mating season but still tend to keep safe distances from each other at other times.

Male tigers leave their mothers and siblings and usually spend their whole lives alone and are only seen around other males if there is a conflict over territory, food, or a potential mate.