Video: A heart-warming of 2 brothers after 74 years!


Embracing and crying, the two brothers who were separated met at Kartarpur after 74 years

It was a poignant and heart-warming moment when two brothers separated for 74 years following the Partition of India met each other at Kartarpur. Captured on the video, the footage had viewers on social media in tears as they watched them hugging each other and crying.

Watch the video:

The brothers Muhammad Siddique and Habib alias Shela, both of whom are believed to be in their eighties, separated from each other in 1947, following the division of the subcontinent into India and Pakistan.

The two reunited in Kartarpur, Pakistan, following Habib travelling from the Phullanwal area to see his younger brother Saddiq. The latter lives in Pakistan’s Faisalabad area.

The footage shows the two brothers walking towards each other and the moment they see each other, they burst out in tears and threw their arms around each other in a tight embrace.

One of them told the other, “Don't cry, don't worry, we've finally reunited after all these years, don't cry.”

Habib was all praise for the Kartarpur Corridor which has helped several families to reunite with each other.