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Victim of 1984 riots and a near-fatal accident, Paramjeet Singh rises twice from the ashes

Faced with adverse circumstances, Paramjeet Singh remained undaunted and continues to live a dignified life

Known for posting thought provoking and inspiring tweets, industrialist Anand Mahindra recently shared the image and story of an inspiring personality, Paramjeet Singh. Despite several ups and downs in life, Singh continues to take on everything with cheer and forbearance.

Along with Singh’s image, Mahindra wrote: “He is my “Start-up” hero. What he has done takes much more spirit and courage than just starting up a business—he has restarted and reinvented his life…not just once, but twice…”

Singh as per a report in Better India was once the sole distributor of Rasna, a very popular soft drink concentrate brand. Then when the 1984 riots took place, he lost everything he had.

Singh’s father was a civil servant and when his business of distribution was flourishing, he had a huge warehouse in Lajpat Nagar and eight autos for distribution.

Yet, he bounced back. He started driving a taxi as he was unable to get a job. Bad luck continued to follow him as he met with an accident in Mussoorie seven years later and was in coma for 13 days.

Despite a crushed knee, hand and rib cage and having suffered a stroke, Singh rose like a phoenix and today earns an honest living driving an auto-rickshaw

Users praised Singh’s resilience. One commented: “Hats off Mr Paramjeet Singh. You're a role model for millions”, while another said: “Truly an inspiration, sir.”