Tweet by 10-year-old climate activist from Manipur forces cleaning up of Taj Mahal area


Licypriya Kangujam's tweet and image has made authorities clean up the area around the iconic Taj Mahal

Words can have an electrifying effect and proving that is a social media post from a 10-year-old climate activist, Manipur’s Licypriya Kangujam. Her tweet standing in front of the world famous and iconic Taj Mahal, Agra has forced the authorities concerned to get into action and launch a cleanliness drive.

Her Thursday tweet read: "Behind the beauty of Taj Mahal! Thanks humans." The image with the tweet shows her holding a placard in her hand with the same words.

She went on to pinpoint the responsibility on the tourists who visit this monument by writing: "You might be witnessing this scene when you visit the Taj Mahal. You may say it’s very polluted but your 1 piece of polythene bag, one simple plastics water bottle led this situation when millions of people visit every year.”

When the area was cleaned, she tweeted again and said: "Happy to see my one tweet forced to clean garbage around Taj Mahal by the authorities yesterday. But I want a permanent solution. Ban single use plastic completely in & around all heritage site of India under a law."

Kangujam has written to the Archaeological Survey of India and asked the institution to ban single use plastic completely in all UNESCO World Heritage Sites of India.