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Tigresses at Karnataka Zoo find the tigers unattractive throwing up a mating dilemma!

The Bannerghatta Zoo authorities are concerned about the falling in mating percentage among the tigers

The authorities at Bannerghatta Zoo located near Bengaluru, Karnataka are facing a peculiar problem. The animal keepers and vets at the Zoo have observed that the tigers are not finding their mates at the zoo compatible or attractive. This is reflected in their natural mating cycles.

To counter this, the Zoo authorities are considering exchanging tigers with other zoos in Karnataka and also bring to their premises some of the rescued animals. This they hope will improve reproductivity among the tigers.

Besides, the staffers have observed that even when mating takes place, there is a drop in the percentage of conception. This they feel could be a result of inbreeding which does not make them medical fit for reproduction.

Among other reasons offered by the authorities for lack of mating is that female tigers don’t find males attractive because of the age and strength and that lack of exercise and relaxed lifestyle of the zoo has affected their health.

In order to overcome this problem, the officials are pondering about bringing in some rescued wild male or female tigers or even exchange some of the in-house tigers with other zoos.

Officials are also contacting other zoos to check if they faced a similar problem and the possible solution for it.