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Snake curled on steering wheel of tourist bus in Srinagar triggers scare

A Black-headed royal snake stuck in the engine under the bonnet with its head protruding out of the steering wheel was rescued by Wildlife SOS in Srinagar

The driver of a mini tourist bus in Srinagar’s Khayam Chowk area in Jammu and Kashmir was caught off guard by the sight of a Black-headed royal snake peeking out of the steering wheel. Closely observing the reptile, he realised that its lower body was stuck in the engine under the bonnet while its head was protruding out of the steering wheel.

Keeping in mind his safety and that of the reptile, the driver alerted the Wildlife SOS Rapid Response unit. After reaching the spot, the team noticed that it was a five-foot-long juvenile Black-headed royal snake with pale brown patches and it lacked the distinct irregular black markings that adult royal snakes have on the head and body.

After a two-hour operation, the team was able to rescue the distressed snake ensuring that it was not harmed or injured in any way. Considering the stressful situation the reptile has undergone, it has been placed under the NGO’s care till it is fit to return to the wild.

Speaking to the media about this operation, Aaliya Mir, Education Officer and Programme Head- J&K, Wildlife SOS said: “This was a challenging rescue operation, to the point where we were anxious about the snake’s safety. A considerable portion of the snake’s body was tightly stuck in the bonnet section while a part of its head was protruding from the steering wheel. We had to take assistance from a mechanic to cut the wires and be extremely careful about not hurting the snake.”

Apart from this, the Rapid Response Unit also rescued a 6-foot-long Indian Rat snake from the garden of a residence in Pulwama area.