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Ranchi’s Vijay Pathak feeds hundreds daily at Government hospital

Run by a businessman, this unique Roti Bank Ranchi feeds 200 people daily

In what can indeed be called a noble act, a businessman in Ranchi, Jharkhand, is running a food bank for more than two-and-a-half years, daily feeding the hungry visiting the Rajendra Institute of Medical Sciences which is a government-run hospital in Ranchi.

His name is Vijay Pathak and this 42-year-old man feeds at least 200 individuals daily home cooked food and the cost of per plate Rs.20, is entirely borne by him.

What started as a small initiative to feed about 20 people sleeping on the pavement has today grown into a Roti Bank Ranchi — a venture to feed hundreds.

Talking about the genesis of the bank, Pathak told the New Indian Express: "My father was admitted to RIMS 16 years back. I saw many people sleeping on empty stomachs as they did not have money to buy food. It was then I took a pledge that whenever I become capable, I will provide free food.”

Following this on March 1, 2020 he started the Roti Bank Ranchi.

Pathak does not accept any donation for the campaign since he believes that it could be misused. Keeping things transparent, he updates the distribution of food plates daily on the Facebook page of Roti Bank Ranchi. At times people do donate food grains.

Helping out in reducing food wastage, the Bank also collects food prepared from marriage parties and other ceremonial gatherings and distributes it to the poor.

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