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Prompt action by villagers reunites two lost leopard cubs with mother in Maharashtra

A male and a female leopard cub found in Maharashtra's Ale village were united with their mother

Close to the recent incident of four leopard cubs being reunited with their mother in Kabadwadi village in Maharashtra, farmers from Ale village in Otur forest range of the State’s Junnar subdivision, came across a pair of eight-week-old cubs in their field.


They promptly alerted the Forest Department who arrived at the site along with a Wildlife SOS team from the Manikdoh Leopard Rescue Centre.

Arriving at the Ale village after travelling 40 kilometres, the rescue team led by Wildlife SOS veterinarian, Dr. Nikhil Bangar conducted a health check-up of the cubs. While one was a male the other was a female and the two were taken to the Centre for further medical examination. Both were found to be healthy and fit to be reunited with their mother.

Over the weekend, the cubs were placed in a safe box close to the location where they had been found. To help the mother reach them easily, a trail of urine drops of the cubs leading to the safe box was created. Camera traps were also placed at appropriate places to film the whole operation. The mother found them and carried them to safety.

Praising the villagers, Bangar said: “The sugarcane farmers of Maharashtra have to tread very carefully because harvest season coincides with the birthing period of leopards. The dense sugarcane fields foster a suitable shelter for the leopards to breed in and nurture their cubs but this also gives rise to conflict situations. This is the second reunion operation we have conducted this month.”

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