Popular jungle safari bus service in Karnataka is a huge success!


The jungle safari bus operated by Karnataka Government's road transport corporation allows tourists watch wildlife, enjoy greenery and boating

It is a rare instance of a State public transport corporation making profit while giving full satisfaction and enjoyment to its passengers! Yes, one is taking about the Jungle Safari bus operated by the Karnataka State Roadways Transport Corporation which enables its passengers to enjoy a day-long journey through woods while watching wildlife, including elephants at their favourite watering hole in Anakulam, enjoying boating and taking in the beauty of hills and tea estates.

KSRTC has made 197 trips of this Jungle Safari bus service in the last six months and given immense joy to 9,697 tourists across all ages while running the trip from Kuttampuzha to Munna travelling through the jungle roads of Mamalakandam and Mankulam.

The corporation earned Rs 51.2 lakh through this service and its profits are more than Rs.25 lakhs in the same period.

Starting from KSRTC depot in Kothamangalam at 8 a.m. the bus proceeds to Bhoothathankettu from where the tourists are taken by boat through the reservoir to Thattekad bird sanctuary. After Thattekad, the passengers are taken to Kuttampuzha from where they proceed to the forest travelling to Mankulam through Mamalakandam.

Lunch is arranged for the tourists at a resort at Perumbankuthu following which they rest and move to Munnar through Lakshmi estate. The bus starts its return journey to Kothamangalam by Aluva Munnar reaching the depot by 10 p.m.

The package is offered at an affordable price of Rs.700 per head. This includes travel charges, lunch and tea.