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PM Modi inaugurates Maze Garden and Miyawaki Forest at Gujarat’s Ekta Nagar

The Maze Garden which was inaugurated by PM Modi on Sunday

Adding more attractions to the State of Unity – the 182-metre world’s tallest statue depicting Vallabhbhai Patel – Prime Minister Narendra Modi inaugurated the Maze Garden and Miyawaki Forest in Gujarat’s Ekta Nagar on Sunday.

The Statue of Unity was inaugurated 4 years ago by the PM in October 2013 and these attractions have been added keeping up with his vision of making it a tourism hub catering to all age groups.

The Maze, the largest one in India, is spread over 3 acres with a pathway of 2,100 metres. It is made in the shape of Yantra – a geometrical diagram drawn from Tantric traditions of the Indian religions – to emanate positive energy.

The objective of the Maze is to challenge the minds, bodies and senses of the tourists while giving them a sense of adventure and triumph. To provide a green cover around the Maze 1,80,000 saplings have been planted including that of orange gemini, madhu kamini, glory bowar and mehndi.

Maze Garden State of Unity2
The Maze, the largest one in India, is spread over 3 acres and made in the shape of Yantra, a geometrical diagram drawn from Tantric traditions

Interestingly, the area where the Maze Garden is located used to be a dumping site which has now been given a makeover and turned into a verdant landscape while creating a vibrant ecosystem for butterflies, honeybees and birds to flourish.

Ekta Nagar’s Miyawaki Forest has been created based on the technique of a Japanese botanist and ecologist Dr. Akira Miyawaki. In this diverse species of plant saplings are planted close to each other to develop a dense urban forest.  The technique allows plants to grow 10 times faster making the forest 30 times denser.

The Forest will include a floral garden; a timber garden; a fruit garden; a medicinal garden; a section of mixed species and also a Digital Orientation Centre

Miyawaki Forest State of Unity1
The forest is based on the technique of Japanese botanist Dr. Akira Miyawaki

Apart from these two new attractions the State of Unity also includes a Tent City; parks based on themes like Arogya Van (Herbal Garden), Butterfly Garden, Cactus Garden, Vishwa Van, The Valley of Flowers (Bharat Van), Unity glow garden, Children Nutrition Park and Jungle Safari among others.

Miyawaki Forest State of Unity2
The Miyawaki Forest includes several gardens including fruit and timber ones

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