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New library in Kerala’s Pankavu area is a boon for tribal kids

Representational image. The new library in Kerala's Pankavu settlement will benefit the tribal community especially their children (Pic. Courtesy ourstoryshelf.in)

It was a time for rejoicing in Kerala’s Pankavu settlement as the tribal community and their children residing there have now got access to the world of books thanks to a new library in their area.

The aim of this library is to empower children and people living in interior and remote areas. Describing it as a dream come true, Saji Thekkumkara who lives in Pankavu said as the children of the settlement are struggling to get educated, and have to travel several kilometres to get access to books, this library will be a boon for them.

The library has come up thanks to the efforts of Garuda, a local sports and arts and Books and Beyond based in Thiruvananthapuram. In order to get a good collection of books for the new library, Books and Beyond had launched a week-long drive across Kerala, prevailing upon people to donate books suitable for children.

As per Sukesh R. Pillai, Founder of Books and Beyond the library project will provide the children of the area with the resources they need to learn and grow. “Every book donated will help empower the children.”

So far 500 books have been collected to set up the library.

He added that they intend to set up more such libraries in different areas.