Mason’s daughter from Andhra Pradesh gives up lucrative job to become cop and serve people


Driven by her passion to serve people, M Mallika has performed extremely well as a Mahila Police

Driven by her passion for serving people, M Mallika quit her comfortable and paying job to don the police uniform.

Daughter of a mason, the 29-year-old Mallika after completing her Chartered Accountancy Intermediate course got a good job in Hyderabad, which she gave up to return to her native village Rajanagaram and work as a Mahali Police.

She said that serving people gave her a lot of satisfaction and happiness. “Money is important, but it is not everything.”

Mallika despite financial constraints finished her degree and went on to clear CA Inter by sheer hard work. She got a corporate job at Madhapur in Hyderabad while also completing her Certified Financial Planner course.

The change in fortune did not satisfy Mallika as she wanted to serve the people. Then the Government of Andhra Pradesh came up with the village secretariat system of which Mahila Police is an integral part.

Having found the job of Mahila Police to her liking, Mallika quit her job and applied for the post. She was accepted as a Mahila Police and started with a salary of Rs.13,000 per month. She was posted at Chakradwarabandham village secretariat in East Godavari district.

Driven with passion, she came up with a stellar performance in a short time. In a few months, she reported 60 offences, including harassment of women and won praise from her superiors. She has received threats but that has not deterred her. Apart from promoting Covid awareness she also prevented five child marriages.

Talking to the media she said: “We have to give up good life and job sometimes to achieve our goal. My life aim is to do any uniform job. There is a charm in doing police duty. So I have joined Mahila Police though I am getting very less salary.’’ She is now preparing for Group-I and Group-II posts.