Man spends Rs 12 lakh to look like a dog! Video goes viral


Wanting to look like an animal, a man in Japan spent Rs 12 lakh for a costume that made him look like collie dog (Pic. Courtesy Twitter/@zeppetJP)

A man in Japan has fulfilled his bizarre dream of wanting to look like an animal!

Twitter user @toco_eevee has posted pictures of himself on Twitter “transformed into a collie”, a sheepdog breed that has its origins in Scotland. a breed of dog,

He has spent a whopping Rs 12 lakh (2 million Yen) for the costume that was made by professional agency Zeppet in as many as 40 days.

According to Japanese news news.mynavi, Zeppet is known for making sculptures for movies, commercials, amusement facilities and also produces costumes that have been seen on TV and for famous mascots in Japan.

The man told news.mynavi he chose his favourite breed, collie,  because it is big which would make it easier for a man to fit into and it has long thick hair that can hide the human shape.