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Maharashtra’s Mahuli group of temples set for a makeover soon

The National Monument Authority will submit a comprehensive report on development of Mahuli temple complex in Satara, Maharashtra (Pic. Courtesy Twitter/@SheetalPronamo)

The National Monument Authority will soon submit a report on comprehensive development of Mahuli group of temples in Satara, Maharashtra, to Union Ministry of Culture.

Mahuli group of temples which is also called Dakshin Kashi includes five temples all of which were constructed between 11th and 12th Centuries in Hemadpanthi style of architecture and are located near Satara. Hemadpanthi style is named after its founder, Hemandpant, who was the prime minister at the court of Seuna Yadavas of Devagiri.

Tarun Vijay, chairman of NMA visited the region to see the samadhis of great Maratha queens Rani Tarabai Bhosle and Rani Yeshobai Bhosle. Senior officials and historians of the Archaeological Survey of India accompanied the chairman.

Vijay said Maharani Tarabai’s contribution to India’s freedom and her courageous rule to thwart Mughals is immense and her memory must be kept alive to inspire the coming generations. He said in order to do this, joint effort by the Central and State Governments is required.

During Vijay’s visit ASI officer Gajanan Mandaware and renowned Maratha historian Mohan Shete were also present.

Vijay who also visited Ramtek temples, Ambala Gate, Sindoori baoli, Mansar Buddhist stupa said that he will be submit a comprehensive report to Union  Minister of Culture Kishan Reddy and he will recommend including Ramtek  and Mahuli group of temples on banks of Krishna river in the Centrally Protected Monuments list. He added that he will also recommend protection and development of the samadhis of Maharani Tarabai and Yeshobai.