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Kerala auto driver wins Rs 25 crore Onam lottery

Jubilant Anoop the auto driver from Kerala who won Rs.25 crore Onam lottery

One never knows when and where Lady Luck will smile on a person. Something similar happened to a Kerala auto rickshaw driver when he won the Rs.25 crore Onam lottery which he bought one day before the draw on Saturday!

Anoop is a native of Sreevaraham in Thiruvananthapuram and he purchased the ticket from Pazhavangadi from a city-based lottery agent Thankaraj of Bhagavathy Agency.

The first winner’s ticket number is TJ-750605 and he is expected to take home Rs.15.75 crores after tax deductions.

Anoop who was a chef before becoming an auto rickshaw driver was planning to move to Malaysia to work there in a food outlet. He even got a loan sanctioned for going there. Speaking to local channels he said that this was his first win in a bumper lottery and that earlier he had won Rs.5,000. He added that with a huge amount coming to him, he may cancel his trip to Malaysia.

The State Finance Minister K.N. Balagopal drew the lucky ticket on Sunday afternoon.

A total of 67 lakh Onam tickets were purchased at Rs.500 per ticket.