Kangaroo Rescued From Chilly Waters, Shakes Hand To Say Thankyou!


Two men got into the ice water to rescue a kangaroo stuck in the lake

In a heart-warming incident a kangaroo stuck in a freezing lake was rescued by two men who dared to wade through the cold waters to reach the animal and bring it out.

The spot was Canberra’s Lake Burley Griffin and it was on Tuesday (September 21), when three men spotted a kangaroo in the lake. Braving the chilly and icy waters of the lake they ventured into the water to rescue the stranded creature.

This entire episode was shot on a video and shared on Facebook. One can see a local person, David Boyd and another man approaching the animal cautiously, stretching out their hands.

Though the kangaroo was confused it had the good sense to stay put and allowed the men to lift it physically out of the water and be placed on the dry land.

A person standing outside on the footpath held the kangaroo allowing it to gain breath and footing, as it appeared tired after the episode.

After taking a few minutes, the kangaroo latched on to the  arms of one of the rescuers prompting the person filming it to say: “Aw it’s thanking you.”

Boyd shared the video with a local community group and informed, that the “kangaroo came good”.

The footage received reactions in hundreds and praises for the rescuers.

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One said: “That water would have been freezing. Well done for rescuing that kangaroo,” while another wrote: “Well done, and cool how it thanked you.”

Some observed that the rescuers should consider themselves lucky as the kangaroo’s legs were cold as they are powerful and used by them as weapons.