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India’s first film with all-tribal actors to be screened at 53rd IFFI

India's first film with only tribal actors will be screened at the 53rd IFFI at Goa on November 24

The upcoming 53rd edition of International Film Festival of India to be held at Panaji, Goa from November 20 will be special as it will screen the first movie in India showcasing acting talent and narrative of tribals in India.

The film called “Dhabari Quruvi” is the first one in Indian cinema history to have a star cast of people belonging to indigenous communities. Directed by National Award-winning filmmaker Priyanandan, the film has the singular distinction of being shot completely in Irula, a tribal language.

The film effectively breaks the stereotypical image of tribals which is portrayed in Indian cinema.

“Dhabari Quruvi” in Irula means a sparrow with an unknown father and this mythological bird is part of the tribal folklore.

With tribal rituals and culture as the background, the film revolves around the tribal girl who battles convention and seeks to free herself from the chains with which society has tied her lot. She proclaims the exclusive right she has on her body and the decisions involving it.

The cast of 60 people in the film hail from Irula, Muduka, Kurumba and Vaduka tribal communities of Attappadi which is a scheduled tribe hamlet of Kerala. They were selected from an acting workshop conducted in the hamlet in which 150 people participated.

Interestingly, a number of actors have not ever seen a film in their entire life.

The actors in the film include Meenakshi, Shyamini, Anuprasobhini, and Muruki play main roles in the film while Nanjiyamma, the tribal woman from Attappadi who received the 68th National Film Award for Best Female Singer last year is also playing a role.

The 104-minute-long duration film will have its world premiere in the Indian Panorama section of IFFI and will be screened on November 24 at 9.30 a.m.