In Karnataka passengers have stepped in to issue bus tickets in absence of conductor


In the non-stop bus service in Karnataka between Hubballi and Gadag which does not have conductor, passengers take up the responsibility of issuing tickets to ensure that it doesn't halt anywhere

Commuters would go to any extent to ensure they reach their destination quickly and this case typifies that. The non-stop buses of North Western Karnataka Transport Corporation that ply between Hubballi and Gadag in Karnataka have new conductors who accept this role voluntarily while they travel as passengers. Many of them are highly educated and have their own businesses.

The distance covered by this bus is 59 kilometres and it takes an hour to cover it. Yet it doesn’t since this non-stop bus halts for 30 minutes on the National Highway 67 to enable the driver who also doubles up as a conductor, to issue tickets. For this reason, the passengers volunteer to become conductors and take up the responsibility to issue tickets to save those crucial 30 minutes.

Talking to the media, Shivaraj Patil, a passenger who uses the service regularly said: “I get on these buses because they have a non-stop board. But this bus stops for over 30 minutes midway and spoils the whole idea of non-stop. In order to save those precious 30 minutes, some passengers offer to become the conductors. They use the ticket issuing machine and start distributing tickets. This is not something people would enjoy on a daily basis. But this has become inevitable. Otherwise, we would all be late by half-an-hour."

Other passengers agree with him though some are concerned about the lack of conductor in the bus. “During the daytime, it’s still fine with whatever they are able to do now. I get chills thinking of late evening buses on this route. Without the conductor, who would help if there was to be a mishap in one of the passenger seats? The driver would certainly not be in a position to get up from his seat and come to us. What if someone misbehaves? Whom do we complain to?” asked Jyoti.

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