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In Jharkhand’s Jamtara, libraries and coaching centres give stiudents wings

One of the biggest beneficiaries of the library-cum-study centre in Jamtara have been girls who have been coached and guided for competitive examinations (Pics. Courtesy Twitter/@Dist_Admin_Jmt)

Libraries and career counselling play an important role in shaping one’s life especially that of the youth. In Jharkhand’s Jamtara this is precisely what is happening.

Worn down buildings which were once panchayat offices and schools and have been lying unused for years have now been transformed into libraries thanks to the efforts of Jamtara Deputy Commissioner, Faiz Aq Ahmed Mumtaz. Due to his efforts 118 panchayats of Jamtara district have libraries which also double up as coaching centres for underprivileged children. At these libraries, officials from block, panchayat and district, also visit weekly, to offer career guidance to those youngsters who are appearing for competitive exams.

The objective is to encourage the youth to take up Government jobs.

Mumtaz informed the media that they had organised more than 15,000 guidance classes so far in one year. These have greatly helped the candidates as they can’t afford to attend classes in tuition and coaching centres. One of the biggest beneficiaries of this initiative have been girls.

These libraries accept donations from people in the form of books, chairs, tables and other amenities.

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