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In a first for Kerala, tribal girl becomes air hostess  

Gopika Govind who made her tribe and Kerala proud by becoming the State's first ST air hostess

Dreams come true as long as one keeps working with sincerity to achieve them and that is what Gopika Govind, a tribal girl has done by becoming an air hostess.

Belonging to Karimbala community which is a Scheduled Tribe in Kannur, Kerala, she dreamt of flying and becoming an air hostess since the age of 12.

Incidentally, she is the first ST woman in the State to achieve this.

At 24, Govind, daughter of P. Govindan and Viji lives in Kavunkudi ST colony near Alakkode will soon join Air India Express.

Sharing her thoughts with New Indian Express, Govind said: “I still remember watching an aircraft flying above my house and wanting to be in it. Even now, I feel excited as I go near an aircraft. I nurtured this dream of touching the sky, of being an air hostess, but never told anyone. Not even my parents knew.”

She went on to reveal that on realising the cost of doing a course for becoming an air hostess, she had given up her hope as it was expensive and beyond the means of her family. Later she came to know about a government scheme for the education of ST girls and through that she pursued a diploma in IATA customer service care at Wayand’s Dream Sky Aviation Training Academy. She was also completing her masters in chemistry from SN College, Kannur at that time.

Govind who is now in Mumbai to complete her training with Air India does not believe in resting on her laurels. after becoming an air hostess. “I still dream of achieving more. However, I will not disclose them until I achieve them.”