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Hyderabad Metro rushes live harvested heart for transplant to city hospital 

Playing a role in saving lives, the Hyderabad Metro activated a Green Channel to transport a live heart (Pic. Courtesy Twitter/@Shobana_29)

Besides helping thousands to commute, the Metro is also playing another vital role. The Hyderabad Metro Rail created a green channel in the wee hours to help an Apollo Hospital team in Jubilee Hills to transport a live heart across the city.

The team of doctors who were accompanied by other medical specialists moved the harvested heart from the Kamineni Hospital in LB Nagar to the Nagole Metro Station at 1 a.m. on Monday. The live organ was then immediately rushed to the Metro train which was kept ready on the platform.

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The special train in a duration of 25 minutes reached the Jubilee Hills Check Post. Here an Apollo ambulance and a medical team was waiting to receive the live organ. The whole exercise went off seamlessly and it was very efficiently handled by Metro and security officials on Line 3.

Interestingly, Metro conducted this humanitarian activity after the business hours including the return journey of 20,000 spectators who had watched a T20 cricket match at the Rajiv Gandhi International Cricket Stadium, Uppal.

Talking to the media, KVB Reddy, MD and CEO, L&TMRHL, said: “The Hyderabad Metro Rail is committed to serving its passengers and is always ready to go the extra mile if help is needed. We have activated a Green Channel in the quickest possible time to transport a harvested heart to save a precious life.”

Earlier too in February 2021, L&T Metro Rail of Hyderabad had transported an organ.