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Honda factory workers take a break – save injured monitor lizard in Greater Noida

The injured Monitor lizard rescued by Honda plant staff which was treated by Wildlife SOS veterinary team

Empathy on part of concerned citizens saved the life of an injured Monitor lizard. The creature was rescued and treated by Wildlife SOS.

Employees of a Honda manufacturing unit in Greater Noida on starting their day’s work came across an injured 3-foot-long monitor lizard which was stuck in the fence of the garden inside the factory premises. Seeing the animal suffering and concerned about its well-being, they at once contacted the Wildlife SOS 24-hour helpline (9871963535).

The Rapid Response Unit of the NGO equipped with all the necessary rescue gear swiftly reached the location and carefully removed the distressed lizard. It took the team an hour to safely remove the reptile from the fence.

During a physical examination it was observed that the monitor lizard had sustained injuries on its right forelimb. The veterinary team provided medication for the injury and kept the lizard under medical observation.

On finding the lizard fit, it will be released into its natural habitat.

The Rapid Response Unit also rescued two non-venomous Indian wolf snakes from an empty water tank in Delhi’s Subhash Nagar area.

Praising the citizens of Delhi-NCR, Wasim Akram, Deputy Director, Special Projects, Wildlife SOS said: “The citizens of Delhi-NCR are becoming more aware and compassionate about reptiles and urban wildlife. The initial reaction to spotting a snake or a lizard is usually that of fear, which is why they are met with a lot of hostility and even killed sometimes. But this incident is reassuring and a good sign of the change we are trying to bring through our work.”

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