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Heavy rains in Delhi compel snakes and monitor lizards to seek refuge in homes and gardens

Indian Rat snake rescued by the Wildlife SOS team at a residence in Tughlak Road

With heavy rainfall taking place in several parts of Delhi-NCR, the reptile population in the region is seeking shelter on higher grounds. This has resulted in Wildlife SOS receiving far more calls for their rescue. This week itself, the NGO received more than 20 calls.

One alert biker helped in saving the life of a five-foot-long Indian which is non-venomous. Travelling on the Moolchand flyover stretch, Ankur was surprised to see this large snake on the divider. Concerned about its well-being, he called up the NGO.

A two-member rescue team reached the spot and carefully rescued the snake. After keeping it under observation, it was released in a more suitable habitat.

Recalling the incident, Ankur said: “While returning home, I noticed the snake on the flyover and was worried that it might get run over by oncoming traffic. I came across the Wildlife SOS hotline number online and immediately contacted the organisation for help.”

Two more Rat snakes were rescued by the NGO. One from a garden in a Tughlak Road residence and the other also from a garden in a house at Chanakyapuri.

Besides snakes, Monitor lizards too were rescued. While one was found in a paan shop at the Kapashera border, another was rescued from a building construction site in Noida Sector 132.

Apart from these animals, the NGO also rescued other snakes like Common sand boas, Indian Wolf snakes, Checkered keelbacks, and even a few venomous Indian Cobras.

Commenting on this, Wasim Akram, Deputy Director-Special Projects, Wildlife SOS, said: “As monsoon season approaches, the Wildlife SOS Response Unit always anticipates an increase in snake sightings.”