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Giraffes coming to Karnataka’s Hampi Zoo soon

Karnataka's Hampi Zoo will soon add giraffes among its star attractions (Pic. Courtesy Twitter/@rickygervais)

The Atal Bihari Vajpayee Zoological Park which is located in Kamalapur, Hampi in Karnataka is adding new attractions regularly to make it enjoyable and engaging for the visitors.

Following the addition of four African baboons in its list of animals which include star attractions like lions, tigers, leopard, wolves and hyenas, it is now planning to get giraffes. The Zoo had also added two hippopotamuses recently. This couple named Teju and Sitha arrived from the zoo in Bengaluru and are drawing visitors in droves.

At present the number of animals in the Zoo has shot up to 350.

The Hampi Zoo is already gearing itself as an enclosure is being readied for the giraffes – the world’s tallest mammal — in the premises. M. N. Kiran, the Zoo’s Executive Director speaking to the media informed that they were in talks with the Bannerghatta Biological Park located in Bengaluru to get these animals. As it did not work out, the Zoo as well as the state’s zoo authority now are in talks with other biological parks for getting giraffes apart from more new animals.

Other facilities are being added and upgraded keeping in mind the convenience of the visitors. Water sprinklers are already in place at the zoo walkways; the entrance arch, counter for ticket and food items are being constructed while the parking facility is being improved.