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Doordarshan’s pet show wins coveted ENBA Award 2021

'Best Friend Forever', a Doordarshan show is a wholesome programme on pets

The National television channel, Doordarshan, which provides not just wholesome entertainment but also important information to people, won ENBA Award 2021 for the best in-depth Hindi series.

This high-quality production titled “Best Friend Forever”, won this coveted award at the 14th edition of the Exchange4media News Broadcasting Awards.

“Best Friend Forever” is a half-an-hour weekly live phone-in show on DD National, wherein two pet experts guide people on how to take care of their pets, about their food, nutrition, routine health check-ups, vaccination and other pet related issues.

The show aims to maintain a two-way communication where viewers can directly call and talk to the experts, and share their worries and experiences. From the first day, phone calls started pouring in from across the country. Apart from other age-groups, youngsters and kids engage the most with the show.

Besides answering the queries of the listeners, the show also features stories which explain the unique relationship one develops with their pets and how pets not only take the modern-day stress away but are also life-savers.

The show is aired every Sunday at 7 p.m. and is also available on the YouTube channel of DD National