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Despite losing wife, Tamil Nadu’s Gandhian continues cycling expedition celebrating 75 years of India’s Independence

M. Karuppiah and his wife K. Chitra who died during their cycling expedition espousing Gandhian values (Pic. Courtesy Twitter/@devpateldestiny)

Wedded to the mission of spreading the message of truth, ahimsa and other ideas of Mahatma Gandhi, M. Karuppiah, who started a cycling expedition way back in 1992 has completed 92,000 kilometres so far!

Hailing from Madurai, Tamil Nadu, this ardent follower of Gandhiji, who is the National Coordinator Secretary of All-India Gandhian Movement Organisation, continues his mission despite having suffered a personal tragedy. He lost his wife, K. Chitra, his companion in this noble mission and life this month.

Talking to the media, he shared: “Chitra, who pursued my dream as hers and supported me throughout my journey, died near Sullurpeta in Tirupati on August 8 due to illness. I completed the last rites of Chitra near the Krishna river with the help of locals and continued my journey, which is scheduled to culminate in Bengaluru on September 5.”

After completing eight years of his expedition, Karuppiah met Chitra on a matrimonial site in 2000. Following their marriage, she became an integral part of his dream to complete one lakh km cycling and also write a book ‘Madurai Couple’s Life History’ sharing their experiences during the cycling expedition.

The couple had been going on such expeditions for varied causes and their recent one which commenced on June 28 in Trichy is part of celebrating India’s 75 years of Independence.

Chitra had been hit by an over-speeding vehicle in 2010 when the couple had gone to India-Pakistan border Wagah. Undaunted, she after undergoing multiple surgeries resumed accompanying her husband. She had also suffered a stroke during the journey for world peace when they were travelling from Coimbatore to Puducherry.

Despite losing his wife Karuppiah continues his mission. “It was my wife’s wish to continue the journey and not to stop it midway no matter what comes. So, I’ll complete the 1 lakh km journey and dedicate it to my wife.”