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Crane used to lift 12-foot-high Ma Durga idol in Kolkata

The 12-foot-high Ma Durga made of Ashtadhatu will be kept in a local temple for worship throughout the year

Every year Durga Puja organisers come up with novel ideas regarding the Ma Durga idol and the festivities to draw people to their function. This time the devotees in Kolkata are in for a pleasant surprise as the Beniatola Puja committee which is also known as Shobhabazar Beniatola Sarvajanin is going to have the Goddess Durga idol made of ashtadhatu.

The idol which weighs one tonne is 12 feet tall and interestingly will be worshipped throughout the year. Informing this, the committee said that the idol will be kept permanently in a local temple for worship by the devotees.

Given the size and weight of the idol, an industrial crane was used to bring it from Mahishadal.

A sum of Rs.18.5 lakhs were spent in making this idol while Rs.2.5 lakhs were spent to transport it. The idol was sculpted under the guidance of celebrated artist Mintu Pal and it took six months to make it.