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Caught on camera: Alert loco pilots slam brakes in nick of time and save wild elephant from being run over in Bengal

Timely braking of the train by two alert loco drivers saved the life of this elephant in North Bengal

Applying the emergency brakes timely, alert loco pilots of an Indian Railways train saved an elephant from being run over. The incident happened in North Bengal and the video was shared by the Divisional Railway Manager of the region.


In the footage one can see the lone elephant coming very close to the railway tracks. The moment the loco pilots, R.R. Kumar and S. Kundu saw the creature they used the emergency brakes bringing the train to a halt and saving the jumbo from being hit by the train and getting injured gravely.

Earlier too a similar incident like this had taken place between Nagrakata-Chalsa, in Jalpaiguri district in North Bengal when a wild elephant was saved due to timely braking by the loco pilots.