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Buddhavanam, Asia’s largest Buddhist tourism centre to open in Telangana on May 14

Asia's largest Buddhist tourism centre, Buddhavanam in Telangana will be inaugurated on May 14

Come May 14 and Telangana will have Asia’s largest Buddhist tourism centre, called Buddhavanam. The project which has been developed on 274 acres at Nagarjunasagar will be inaugurated by the Industries Minister KT Rama Rao.

Talking to reporters, V. Srinivas Goud, Tourism Minister, said the project was developed at a cost of Rs.100 crores and it will as per the directions of the Chief Minister K Chandrashekhar Rao have all facilitates to attract international Buddhist spiritual tourists.

With this project, Telangana will become a prominent destination on the international Buddhist tourism circuit, he added.

Attractions of Buddhavanam

Among the many attractions the centre has, the main one is a 21-metre high hollow Maha Stupa with 24-metre radius commemorating the ancient Amaravati/Sriparvata Stupas. This is located at the centre of the project site.

This Stupa is adorned with sculptures which portray Lord Buddha’s life and ministry while under the dome of the Maha Stupa there is a massive brass-coated mandapam with eight statues of Buddha in five postures facing eight directions.

Also, more than 40 Jataka sculptures are installed at this centre and there are replicas of 13 prominent Buddhist stupas located in India and other countries.

At the core of the project are eight segments which highlight Lord Buddha’s eight-fold path. Each segment commemorates an important aspect of Buddhist heritage.

Other attractions of the project include Buddhacharitavanam or major events in the life of Lord Buddha, Bodhisattva Park (Jataka Park), Dhyanavanam or a Meditation Park, Stupa Park which has miniature stupas, a Buddhist museum, teaching and education centre, hospital and wellness centre etc.