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Argentina touched by India’s soft power – federal police to use Yoga to combat stress

Yoga which is popular in Argentina, will now be used by the federal police of the country to combat stress

Yoga is popular among the people of Argentina and now the country’s federal police will use it for management of stress of its personnel. In fact, in a number of Latin American countries, this ancient practice is being used in prisons to calm the convicts.

The Indian Embassy in Argentina along with the University Institute of the Argentine Federal Police (IUPFA) will be jointly organising a workshop on Yoga. The aim of this workshop is to promote the practice of Yoga as a means to develop physical, mental and emotional well-being while incorporating and using its discipline techniques for the management of stress.

The workshop will be open for the students, faculty, graduates, and staff of IUPFA; students from the School of Cadets and the School of NCOs and Agents of the Argentine Federal Police.

Yoga as a discipline has curative attributes and can be highly beneficial to the armed and paramilitary forces. It is also very useful and effective in enduring tolerance and helps in augmenting stress hormones and neurotransmitters.

In India customized yoga packages have been created for the Army, Air Force and Navy to tackle high altitude, hot desert and cold desert conditions and submarine and ship conditions. Varied āsanas and prānayāms have enabled soldiers to combat stress and promote psycho-physiological fitness among them.