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Air India urination case victim reacts to accused man’s U-turn that she peed on herself

Air India urination accused makes U-turn

A day after the man accused of urinating on a woman on board an Air India flight made a shocking U-turn on the ghastly incident, alleging claiming the elderly co-passenger had urinated on herself, the woman trashed his new claim as “completely false and concocted”.

“The said allegations are also in complete contradiction and a complete volte-face of the statements and the pleaded case of the accused in his bail application,” she pointed out.

The accused, Shankar Mishra, suddenly changed his version of the incident in response to a notice by the sessions court after the Delhi Police sought his custody in the case for further questioning. He had been sent to 14-day judicial remand earlier in the case.

The complainant said her intention throughout has been to ensure that institutional changes are made so that no individual has to go through the horrendous experience that the victim suffered.

Instead of being remorseful for the “utterly disgusting act committed by him, he has adopted a campaign of spreading misinformation and falsities with the intent of further harassing the victim,” she said.

Mishra had run off from Mumbai and gone to into hiding in Bengaluru to escape the law had been tracked down by Delhi police and brought to the national capital. He had been sacked by US bank Wells Fargo, where he was vice president, after the urination incident was reported in the press.

Air India has also come in for criticism for not handing Mishra to the authorities after the ghastly incident. The airline has apologised for the bad handling of the incident and grounded the crew that operated the fight.