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Actor Satish Shah’s apt retort to racist taunt at Heathrow airport

Confronted with a racist remark at Heathrow Airport, actor Satish Shah came up with a perfect retort

Known for his perfect timing and sense of humour on the screen, popular actor Satish Shah, displayed it during an unsavoury incident that took place at United Kingdom’s Heathrow airport.

Revealing the incident on Twitter, Shah said that travelling with his family, he overheard the staff at the airport wondering how they, that is he and his family, could afford first-class plane tickets.

Without losing his cool, the actor responded aptly. “I replied with a proud smile ‘because we are Indians’ after I overheard the Heathrow staff wonderingly asking his mate ‘how can they afford 1st class?'”

Shah’s post was widely read and shared and several condemned the airport staff while many commended his reply. Meanwhile, responding to the Shah’s tweet, Heathrow Airport apologised for the incident. They wrote: “Good morning, we’re sorry to hear about this encounter. May you DM us?”