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Abandoned leopard cub ‘Simba’ rehabilitated at Maharashtra care centre

Simba, the male leopard cub who was abandoned at the age of two months is being take care at the Wildlife SOS Manikdoh Leopard Care Centre

For the staff of Wildlife SOS Manikdoh Leopard Rescue Centre in Maharashtra’s Junnar division it is a special occasion as an abandoned leopard cub named “Simba” has completed a year under their care.

The abandoned two-month-old cub was found in a sugarcane field by residents of Kolwade village situated in Sangamner range of Maharashtra was being chased by a pack of feral dogs in 2021. Sensing that the cub was in trouble the villagers promptly contacted Maharashtra Forest Department who alerted the rescue team at the centre.

During the on-site medical examination, Dr. Nikhil Bangar, Centre’s veterinary, found that the male had sustained an injury from the attack by the dogs but more importantly had been separated from his mother.

Following the treatment and its wound healing, the cub was placed in a safe box for reuniting him with his mother but unfortunately all attempts failed. The mother who never turned up was presumed to have either left the area or was no more.

A recent picture of Simba

The Centre then decided to rehabilitate this cub which was unfit to survive in the wild, and named him Simba — after the famous fictional character from the movie “The Lion King”.

Sharing his thoughts, Dr. Bangar said: “Leopard cubs are unable to survive in the wild without their mothers. This is because the mother teaches her cubs basic survival skills such as hunting, where to hide, and which areas to venture in. Without his mother, Simba is unfit to survive in the wild and thus requires prolonged care.”

Simba now has grown into a strong and healthy sub-adult. 

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